Trust is very important

We understand that we get access to commercial information that is confidential. And we take it very seriously. Google has certified our software to connect with their API.

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Verified by Google

To protect your Google.Ads advertising budgets, we have passed the moderation. What is moderation? It is the verification of our company and our request to access the advertising accounts. We filled out particular forms explaining the purpose of asking for access. Google verification takes about a week, and what was the result? Check it out…



We won’t cause you any harm. We won’t break your advertising campaigns, steal your advertising costs information, the average cost per click, CTR, conversions, and more. We only protect your from scam.

We don’t steal your information or share it with competitors. We also do not make changes to the configured advertising campaigns. Our algorithms only receive information and block bots “pointwise.”

Our Fundamental Principles

Global database of bots

We have been collecting a global database of bots for years, which we find on our clients’ websites. How do we do it? We check and analyze a “digital fingerprint” of each browser.


Who are we?

Hi, my name is Max Kulgin, I am the founder of the project. We have been developing software for large companies for over 9 years and in 2019, we faced a problem with click fraud protection at the request of one of our clients. We are still researching this issue and improving our algorithms. Now the team consist of 5 people and the number of specialists is constantly growing.

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