Minimum saved money

Bots that click on ads never click once since their task is to cause as much damage to your budget as possible. We count the minimum customer savings according to the formula: ((NUMBER OF BLOCKS * COST OF ALL CLICKS)/NUMBER OF CLICKS))


The data above is received through the API from our clients’ advertising systems (Google Ads) and is averaged across all advertising campaigns.

Savings is the amount of money the bot could not waste due to being blocked. The minimum savings are calculated assuming that the bot could click at least once more in each blocked configuration. We take the number of blocks for the minimum number of prevented clicks and calculate the average cost per click, dividing the total expense by the total number of clicks. Next, we multiply this average cost by the number of blockages and get minimal savings.

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Types of Google.Ads fraud we detect

Our service detects the majority of the most popular and sophisticated fraudulent click activity used today.



Half of all internet traffic is automated. Our data shows that up to 30% of all clicks on Google.Ads are from bots.


Сlick farms

Click farms hire workers to click on your Google.Ads all day using techniques that appear as if they’re coming from real and different users.



Do you think competitors aren’t click frauding your Google.Ads? It’s an easy way for them to drain your ad budgets.

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Minimizing and preventing fraudulent clicks

How does ad targeting prevents click fraud?

Sometimes, all you need is a simple change to your targeting to eliminate invalid clicks. If you assume click fraud is coming from a specific geographical area, where you are not offering services and the bulk of clicks coming from there then exclude these locations.

How do Google Display Network Remarketing campaigns help in minimizing click fraud?

If you’re concerned about publisher-based click fraud, It is easily avoided with remarketing, because of Google.Ads are only displayed to those who have visited and displayed interest in the advertiser’s website. There’s no risk of publishers clicking on Google.Ads, because they can’t see them.

How targeted PPC keywords prevent click fraud?

The best way of handling click fraud is to minimize the level of damage that false clicks effected to your campaign. For the highest possible ROI, only bid on targeted, industry-specific keywords since these will produce more traffic while ensuring the majority of clicks are from relevant advertisers – not bots.

How to establish a proper budget prevents click fraud?

To reduce the chance of click fraud for your PPC campaigns, you should consider setting up a maximum daily PPC budget so that you are never charged more than a certain amount each day. This should help you to reduce and analyze the budget waste due to fraudulent clicks.

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