What clients say about us?

We asked our clients to write a few words about our service, and published their reviews below “as is” without editing. And just so you know, we didn’t write them ourselves.

NEURAL NETWORK ON GUARD are you a victim?

In spring 2020, we noticed a significant decrease in the effectiveness of advertising for autumn. So, we analyzed the metrics and realized that the advertising budget had vanished in a matter of 15 minutes! Our question was: where was the agency looking? We figured bots did this, so we got the click-scam protection on clickfraud.dev. That mess has stopped since, but four months of advertising budget and the draw-down in sales can’t be returned. Sending our special “regards” to unscrupulous competitors!

Anthony J.

What can I say? There are still problems with Google, but it may be because I installed tags and links incorrectly, even though I followed your instructions. Or perhaps it’s because I am one of your pioneers with protection in AdWords. Everything is fine in Yandex.Direct (I started running ads there out of curiosity), clicks are coming only from customers. It would be perfect if you sold your service in a “box” (installed and configured all the parameters yourself for a user). I think this type of service at a separate cost would be in demand since many people order this service from freelancers for a one-time fee. Anyway, I want to continue working with you guys. Thanks!

Azat / ava****@gmail.com

Thank you very much for your service! It works well, is easy to connect, and is reasonable in price compared to other companies! I recommend it to everyone!

Taty / taty*****@gmail.com

We have been working with the ClickFraud.dev company for a long time. The employees of this company are very polite, everything is clear and straightforward, you get comprehensive answers to all questions, they are always ready to help, polite, and respond quickly! The service works well, and advertising costs have been reduced significantly! Thank you for all the work you do, and I wish prosperity to your company!

Roman / +7 965 789-**-30

We have been using the сlickfraud.ru service for over six months. It’s an excellent automated protection against various types of bots and low-quality website visitors. Our company is in the small business segment, so every penny matters in contextual advertising since the primary source of customers is paid traffic. Thanks to this service, we eliminated up to 30% of the bad traffic that was eating a third of our marketing budget. Thanks, guys. We recommend you to everyone!


Please don’t stop offering click-fraud protection! I want to tell everyone: I’ve cried for 2 years looking at my statistics! Now I am happier than ever and bravely raising the cost of the click to the skies. My competitor, who tried to ruin me, is deflated now. By the way, the comment is real! They didn’t write it themselves, just so you know.


I want to thank the clickfraud.dev protection team from the bottom of my heart! They do essential things for a decent cost! If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to keep the advertising budget within “reasonable limits”! The service fee is absolutely justified. I recommend it to anyone who still has doubts. I didn’t know about their existence, and I am happy knowledgeable people suggested them. I wish all the success to the team from the bottom of my heart!

Dmitry / +7 911 114-**-78


The graph below shows honest (summative and completely anonymous) figures, with an evaluation on the effectiveness of our click fraud protection system for all working clients.


Who is clicking my Google.Ads?

Competitors clicking ads, bots and click farms are just some of the ways that invalid traffic “siphons” off your PPC advertising budget. Every dollar you don’t spend on ad fraud helps your ad reaching more potential customers.



A common competitor strategy is to click scam your Google.Ads until they go offline. Our AI- based click fraud detection & protection service prevents them from doing so.


Click farms

Click farms are organizations that can produce thousands of clicks in seconds. With our automatic click fraud protection software, your PPC budget is safe.



Over 30% of web traffic is generated by automated bots. Are bots clicking on your Google.Ads? Block them immediately and automatically with clickfraud.dev.
price plans

How can you know if your PPC ads are affected?


Extreme CTR

compared to your previous campaigns or your expectations.


Low engagement

with high bounce rates and low session times.


ROI “drops”

unexpected and significant decrease in your PPC campaigns.

What can you do to manage click fraud by yourself?

Click fraud or fraudulent click activity comes in many forms and disguises, but thanks to modern technology, there are many ways to detect and prevent click fraud from happening to your campaign.

Analyze your existing traffic for issues

If you’re for example a U.S.-based business that doesn’t sell internationally but is receiving a lot of traffic via your paid search from international cities, then consider restricting your Google.Ads campaigns or blocking certain regions.

Check out your paid traffic referral URLs

If you’re using Google.Ads on the Google Display Network, open Google Analytics, and check out where your paid traffic is coming from. Are the top sites legitimate? Are they relevant? If the sites are full of small, scammy-looking referral sites, then that’s a sign of fraud.

Analyze your traffic’s IP addresses

Some fraud attacks come in groups of similar IP addresses. Look for high rates of click actions but low rates of conversion actions and exclude them with filters.

Exclude hours with fraudulent spikes from your targeting

It’s possible that a click farm is paying people to click on Google.Ads, and you could be a victim of those at specific hours during the day. If you notice that at 3:00 AM a burst of expensive, low-converting traffic, then utilize an ad schedule and remove that time slot from your campaign.

We Protect Over 200 Websites

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