We will refund your money if you aren’t satisfied with our service..

We are sorry to see you go. Our goal is to make you really happy. You can cancel your subscription at any time and won’t be billed for subsequent months.

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We will refund your last payment if our click fraud prevention doesn’t help you. For example, if you connected protection on July 10, and in 3 weeks, you sent us a message: “Guys, give me my money back. Your protection isn’t working…”. You will get your money back, no questions asked, and we will only sigh with regret…

If you paid with your card, we will issue the refund using your Paddle personal account, and your funds will be refunded to your card within several days.

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Please make sure that the protection system is working properly before requesting a refund.


Our GTM code is installed on all pages of your website, and we receive your data in full volume.


Google.Ads tokens are correct and are specified in your personal account.


Advertising companies are active at the time of protection. UTM tags are specified, and ads are tracked.

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Who’s Clicking Your Ads?



Unethical competitors may be clicking your PPC ads to get their ads ahead of yours. This may lower your ad rank and even completely stop your ads from showing on search results.


Click Farms

“Click Farms” are automated online hubs that can produce thousands of clicks in a matter of minutes. Often operated by “black-hat” hackers, these can cause serious damage in no time.



Over 30% of web traffic is generated by automated bots & scripts. Is a robot clicking on your Google Ads? Block them immediately & automatically with our service.

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Your Google.Ads protection, 100% automated

Get more done with advanced automation. Prevent click fraud from polluting your metrics and wasting valuable Google.Ads budget by detecting and eliminating them before they strike. Clickfraud.dev automates the process for you, so you have more time optimizing your ad campaigns rather than dealing with fraud.

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Our software dives deeper to identify fraudulent activities in your Google.Ads campaigns so you can keep control of your web advertisements and choose your own rules through completely transparent data, making sure your key audience is not a false positive.