The principles we follow.

Sounds a little prideful? We have been in the IT market for some time now, running a business and YouTube channel with over 21,000 subscribers. We value our followers, customers, and reputation because we are building a business for years to come.

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We respect your right to privacy

We respect your right to the inviolability of private life. Above all, we respect your privacy in everything we do. Your trust is essential to us. We respect your control over your personal data and digital content, and our priority is to prevent unauthorized access to them by any means. Whenever we ask you to provide access to information, it is intended to serve you for the better. We won’t ask for it if we don’t need it!

We stick to our principles and strive to protect you from external threats by using our software and sharing our knowledge of digital ecosystems. Your digital life should be nobody’s business but yours.

We don’t have viruses, back doors, etc. We also don’t build back doors in our software to allow authorities, competitors, or anyone else to access your data. Officials who need for information for a criminal investigation must obtain a judicial basis.

Secure services help keep valuable data safe from malicious intentions and prying eyes. Without the security, there is no guarantee of privacy. With our dedication to privacy and expertise in security, we can offer true digital freedom.

We want to engage you and help you stay safe in the digital world. One way we do this is through relevant newsletters. Our newsletters are not just marketing. They are intended to be informative, fun and useful, helping you get the most out of our services. You can always opt out from our newsletters if you prefer.

We choose service providers we trust. Within the Internet ecosystem, we must use external solutions like any other digital service provider. However, we work closely with service providers who share our commitment to privacy and security, and we don’t give them more information than needed.

We will be open and honest with you, and we won’t use your personal information for hidden purposes. We strive for clear and straightforward communication.

We’re the good guys, and there are always wonderful people behind our great software. Honesty and decency are part of our culture, and we believe that a free and open Internet is designed to improve humanity. We can advocate for privacy and digital freedom because we have people supporting it.

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