Our development plans

We don’t stand still. Five individuals make our AI-based outstanding bot detection possible daily. We are not magicians. Fighting bots resembles the battle of Swords and Shields. Ad clickers invent algorithms – we come up with protection. What’s next?


Spring 2022

We have plans to launch the bot detection system based on mouse movements, which will improve the accuracy of click-fraud detection. The algorithm is being tested, and the results are encouraging.

Spring 2022

We will finally upgrade the user account, which was in our plans for a long time. We are going to make it user-friendly and graphic, implementing all our client’s wishes.

Summer 2022

We will be adding new click-fraud detecting algorithms. We already know how to identify virtual machines, incognito modes, etc. The more algorithms we have, the more accurately we detect.

Autumn 2022

Entering foreign markets. We are actively translating our website into Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages. The more traffic analyzed, the more accurately will function our neural network.

How click fraud works?

There are many ways to implement click fraud:

Click farms

Some businesses approach companies on the “dark web” to click on ads on their website. The clicks aren’t from potential customers, but they’re often from real people.

Competing businesses

Competing businesses may click on each other’s PPC ads to waste money. If you conduct some intricate research, you may be able to identify the IP address of competing.

Potential buyers

Believe it or not, consumers who highly value particular brands click on competitors’ ads—knowing it will cost them money. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it.

 Automated programs (bots)

Perhaps the biggest culprits of click fraud are robots—malicious computer programs that automatically scan the Internet and subtly carry out clicks, trying to pass as human.

Why waste money on click fraud?

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