After concluding that bots have entered your website and we were able to identify them at the analysis stage, our system uses the API to disable the display of contextual advertising. Next time the bot attempts to click scam, it won’t see your ad in Google search or other platforms. In other words, when our service blocks an IP address or IP address range in Google.Ads, Google will stop showing ads to visitors coming from this IP or IP range – for the campaign(s) where the block occurred. This means no new ad impressions will be generated for every campaign where the given entity is blocked.

Forget about wasteful click fraud with our protection

Our anti-click fraud service protects Google.Ads by using our industry-leading AI- detection algorithms blocking fraudulent IPs automatically.

How did our service block the IP or IP – addresses range?

Based on your rules added an exclusion entry within the exclusion list of the affected campaign(s). This is done by using Google.Ads API. You can track all exclusions within your Dashboard in You can also find them on your Google.Ads campaign settings. Please note, that Google.Ads allows blocking up to 500 IP addresses or IP address ranges for each campaign. Our protection system will perform periodical cleanups to make room for new blocks. By making your blocking list up to date our service is able to protect you against threats at all times.

“Parasites” we found on our customers’ websites today, yesterday, or some other days, and yes, we already blocked them (by the way, it’s actual customer data, whom we protect from click fraud on a daily basis).

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