In Google.Ads, manually blocking IP addresses can be very time-consuming and frustrating, especially when you have several large campaigns. Entering every IP address into tens of campaigns can be very frustrating. After dealing with these problems for years, we came up with a solution to block IP addresses in Google.Ads that are simple and powerful. With, you can protect your ads by simply copying some code into your account and letting it do the work.

Forget about wasteful click fraud with our protection

Our anti-click fraud service protects Google.Ads by using our industry-leading AI- detection algorithms blocking fraudulent IPs automatically.

Since our task is to block contextual advertising from clicking scammers (showing it to real people only and avoiding click fraud), we need automated access to Google.Ads system to control in a prescribed sequence who can see the advertisement and who cannot. After enabling the protection of your ads from click fraud in Google.Ads, our system will automatically begin excluding IP addresses of bots in Google.Ads advertising campaigns.


Automatic IP blocking is a feature only relevant for your Google.Ads account and has alot of advantages. First of, by automatically blocking a clicker that’s committing fraud, you are actively in real-time reducing the amounts of clicks he is able to produce on your Google.Ads. The direct result of this is that the attacker’s IP is blocked, and you are not spending money for nothing. Secondly, our service adds the fraudulent IP across all of your campaigns (optional), even if the fraud was triggered in only one ad from a completely different campaign. Lastly, as an advertiser or a business owner you have many other things to take of and worry about than adding each IP manually and wasting your precious time.

You can see all IP and IP range exclusions for a specific campaign in Google.Ads by visiting campaign settings. Select the campaign you want to check, and then hit “Settings” in the left sidebar menu. Expand “Additional Settings” and you will find the excluded IP / IP range under “IP exclusions”.

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