After installing a visitor counter to your website with Google Tag Manager, data starts coming to our server in real-time for further analysis. We record all user actions thoroughly, including the source of redirection to your website, time spent on the website, mouse movements, computer characteristics, frequency of website visits, etc. The more data we can gather and record into our single database, the more precise will be the analysis of the clicking scammers redirected through your ad. But don’t you worry! We don’t sell gathered information to any third parties. Moreover, we frequently clean out our storage. Otherwise, the volume of data collected from our clients would have been enormous.

Forget about wasteful click fraud with our protection

Our anti-click fraud service protects Google.Ads by using our industry-leading AI- detection algorithms blocking fraudulent IPs automatically.

Our protection service is built with a privacy-first approach, ensuring compliance with privacy laws and regulations across the globe. Privacy is at the core of everything we do. Below is a schedule of visits for all our customers we analyze in real-time.

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