After installing the data gathering server, we must establish a unique code (counter) to your website, which will send detailed information on your visitors to our server for further click fraud analysis. The code is JavaScript, which analyzes visitors in real-time. It’s safe and will not affect the performance of your website.

Forget about wasteful click fraud with our protection

Our anti-click fraud service protects Google.Ads by using our industry-leading AI- detection algorithms blocking fraudulent IPs automatically.

We place the counter to your website only once using Google Tag Manager (follow this link to learn more about the Google Tag Manager). Google Tag Manager (aka Tag Manager or GTM) is a free service provided by Google that significantly simplifies working with tags on websites. You can use it to change codes on pages quickly, add new fragments, integrate the website with analytical systems, advertising, and other services. You install the GTM code to your website only once, and our specialists do all other settings for click fraud protection without your participation. We only send you the GTM code, which you need to install on all your website pages (see example below). We can give you access to a code BEFORE installation so that you can assure that code is safe and will not harm your website in any way.

We made a small instruction manual on how to install the GTM code on websites with different control systems:

  1. Install Google Tag Manager for web pages

  2. How to Install and Setup Google Tag Manager in WordPress?

  3. How to Add the Google Tag Manager’s Code to Your Joomla Website?

  4. How To Install Google Tag Manager on the WIX website?

The benefits of using GTM are that it allows you to speed up your site by managing how and when tags execute. It also improves your ability to measure the success of your digital market and removes your reliance on your website developer to make code changes to your site.

Does the GTM – code slow down my website?

Absolutely not. The tracking code is a lightweight fast code. The code executes a-synchronically. That means that the browser does not wait for this code to finish executing before loading your website. Hence, it has no impact on your page’s load time.

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