To make visitor analysis (and detect click fraud), we must first collect data from your website. For this purpose, we select a server (if your website has high traffic) and place visitor counters on your website using Google Tag Manager, which begins gathering all data on your website visitors in real-time. It is collected 24/7 and recorded into our single storage on the server for further analysis. We gather data from different websites to find click fraud, and we work with extensive data, allowing us to improve our algorithms continuously.

Forget about wasteful click fraud with our protection

Our anti-click fraud service protects Google.Ads by using our industry-leading AI- detection algorithms blocking fraudulent IPs automatically.

Why aren’t we using data from Google Analytics? We don’t use them because of the speed at the information is updated in these systems. They are designed for building analytical reports, not making real-time traffic analyses. We also need the IP addresses of your website visitors to have our algorithms working, but the analytical systems we mentioned earlier hide them.

We are using Matomo, formerly known as Piwik. Matomo is a downloadable, Free (GPL licensed) web analytics software platform. It provides detailed reports on your website and its visitors, including the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, which pages they like, the files they download and so much more. Matomo offers:

  1. 100% data ownership
  2. Flexibility
  3. Reliability & security
  4. An easy to use tool
  5. User-privacy protection
  6. Self-host On-Premise
  7. Open-source analytics
  8. GDPR compliance
  9. 100+ Integrations
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