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Comprehensive manual

On this page you can familiarize yourself with the connection features, and in the Demo mode, familiarize yourself with your personal account

Reasonable tariffs

You can make a choice of the tariff according to your web site, basing on the visiting of your web site. It is acceptable as well like for small web sites as for global projects.

How to set everything up? Guide

1 After registration and payment, you will receive the mail with GTM-code next working day, which you locate on your web site by yourself according to the instructions in the mail.
What for?
In order to analyze the visitors (and to detect cliclings), firstly we should collect the data from your web site. For this reason we install certain counters in your web site using Google Tag Manager which start getting information from it. It is absolutely safety and will not effect on the capability of your web site. The data is collected 24/7 and recorded in our server storage for the forthcoming analyzing. As we get information from different web sites for clicking checking, we deal with huge quantity of data and it permits us to improve the algorithms constantly.
If your site is created on the one of the popular management system, please find useful links for GTM installation below:
  1. How to install GTM on Tilda?
  2. Ho to install on Wix?
  3. How to install on WordPress?

2. After installation of the counter by Google Tag Manager in your web site, we receive the data in our server on-line. We record all the details – the source, duration of staying in your web site, movements of the mouse, parameters of PC, frequency of visits etc. As much data we get as much detailed analyzation is made. Do not worry. We do not pass this information to the 3-rd party. Moreover we clean our storage; otherwise the quantity of available information is too much.

3. Ask your programmer to check the web site concerning JavaScript mistakes. Certain mistakes can influent on script downloading, including Google Tag Manager that we use for getting information from your web site. In Chrome browser it is possible to check in Console tab of IT-developer (F12) 

You can find typical mistakes on the screenshots above, that disturb correct script analyzing system. You should pay more attention on the mistakes “TypeError”.

4. After the installation of our gtm-script, please be sure that matomo js script is loaded in the web site. In Chrome browser you can see that in Network tag. Switch on only JS interface, restart the page and be sure that matomo js is in.

The rest GTM settings for clicking protection are under control of our specialists. We can give you access password BEFORE the installation in order you could be sure that password does not damage the web site.

As our task is to cancel ADS for clickers (to keep it to be available only for real people in order to avoid clicking), we should get automatically access to Google.Adwords in order to make a choice to whom to show ADS.

In this case you will get special request for your Google.Adwords access for us. In order to protect ADS, please indicate your ID account during registration, for ex 987-170-0825. In order to get the access to your API system Google.Adwords, special request will be sent to you. In order to protect your ADS in Google.Ads please indicate your ID, for ex 987-170-0825. You can find out your ID in the upper right corner, close to the name of your account. Please pay your attention that ID has a format like XXX-XXX-XXXX, where X are the figures.
After connection, in the certain period (in a couple of hours) you will receive a message in your mail address in which you will get access to your account. Just follow the instruction in the mail. Why do we need it? In order to pass the information about detected bots in Google.Ads and to block your ADS for them (only this option). Please pay your attention that you can recall the access. After your successful giving of the access, the data of IP-addresses of the detected bots will be automatically transferred to your ADS.
After connecting to Google.Ads and our system protects you, you can check the results in the settings of your account Google.Ads, like it is indicated in the picture below. You will see automatically added IP- addresses of the bots in the exclusion list.
Important notice! Please read the information below. Because of Google can not format automatically following the links for the landing pages with necessary parameters, the algorithm of protection can not recognize the following link and to distinguish it from the normal using. That’s why you need correct links for formatting the links in Google (if you did not do it beforehand)
That’s why it is necessary to set correct links forming in Google (if you did not do that in the beginning) following the description bellow, or start option of all ADS users blocking in the part
“ Blocking management” in your private account.
During forming of the links to the landing pages it is necessary:
1. To be sure that when you follow the link this landing page certainly exist and it can be opened, but not:
a) empty page
b) blocking page from cms
c) it is redirect to the main page of the web site
During forming of the links to “Landing pages” in ADS Google, the following set of parameters should be indicated:
1) utm_source=google
2) utm_medium=cpc
3) utm_campaign=net|{network}|cid|{campaignid}
4) utm_content={creative}
5) utm_term={keyword}
6) placement={placement}
7) adposition={adposition}
8) matchtype={matchtype}
9) device={device}
All the figures in the curly brace will be substituted automatically for the certain parameters of the user. All the parameters should be separated by “&”, and there should be “?” before the set of parameters. If some parameters are already available in the link, then “?” is not necessary.
For example (“link to the landing page -> “link that should be indicated in Google ADS”):
In the second sample in the first link, there was already parameter “page_id” with value “14567”, so in this case “?” was already available in the link, it is not necessary to insert it again, you should just separate current parameter from the new one by google symbol “&”.
Except standard Google.Ads setting, you can adjust also additional setting that can match you tasks better concerning protection from clicking. In the part “Blocking management” in your private account you can set behavioral factor and blocking all the users who followed your ADS.
Behavioral factors monitoring.
Choose “Behavioral factors monitoring” option in order to block users (bots) that do not match the following parameters:
1.1. Check only ADS session. During choosing this option all the rest behavioral parameters will take under account only ADS visits and will block their IP.
1.2. If session did not achieve minimal quantity of clicking then the parameter is ignored (if it is = 0, the parameter is ignored). For example, if user followed ADS but made one click, then the system will block them for the future.
1.3. Minimal session is counted in seconds, the sessions that did not reach that minimum are blocked (if it is =0, then it is not used). For example, if the user followed the link of ADS, but spent there less than 10 sec, the system will block him.
1.4. Max quantity of visits per day. If the quantity of the visits per user is more than this amount, it will be blocked (if it is = 0, than it is not used). For example if a user followed the link more than 3 times a day, the system will block him. Important – if a user (bot) reaches any of the indicated parameters than the system blocks him in the future. 
Blocking of ADS users. At the moment of connecting this option, all the visits of the web site, marking like ADS, will be blocked automatically. It means that who made a click form the certain IP-address, will never see it any more

Common questions

We made a list of the common questions.

In the average and according to our searching and common experience, the clicking is up to 25% of advertising budget, but it depends strictly on the competition in the business-market. For example the competition in 2B2 business is much more higher. For example in the B2B business clickicking is much more less because of less competition and rate of clicking.
Of course no, you set up your code in the site, which will give us extended data about the visitors for analyzing. If our servers does not answer you occasionally, it means that we do not get the data and your web site is running without any failures. And, by the way, we do not slow down the running of it.
We will give you an access to you private account, where regularly (several times a day) we publish information about detection of the “saboteurs” in your web site. Your private account will be achievable following the link below (but you will not see anything until you register yourself and set the web site).
“Clickfraud protection works great, I advise everyone! Previously, half of the budget was spent on advertising, now I forgot about it”
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