Bot browser’s digital fingerprint

Humans are precisely identified by their fingerprints, and bots are recognized by the fingerprints of their browsers and computers.

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What is a digital fingerprint of a browser?

Browser fingerprint is data about the bot’s computer and browser. You can get it by requesting it during web page loading. Digital fingerprint includes dozens of different parameters, such as the info about the operating system, the amount of RAM, the device’s screen resolution, font settings, and much more.

Highly complex mechanisms are created nowadays, making it difficult to detect a browser fingerprint, but their implementation requires skills and resources. Most ad clickers don’t use such tools, and they are identifiable.

Incognito mode (private browsing) is a browser mode, allowing to surf the web without leaving traces. Your clients rarely use this mode, but bots frequently do.

In 95% of cases, click fraud occurs through automation tools (Chrome Headless, Playwright, PhantomJS). Ordinary users don’t use them on a daily basis, so we immediately block the source if we detect visits from these solutions.

Click fraud can be made from the virtual servers running in the “cloud” (for instance, under VirtualBox, VMWare, or Parallels – virtualization tools). You must agree that an ordinary user will not come to your website from a virtual server.

What does the bot browser fingerprint look like?

It’s a unique sequence (hash) of characters and numbers that precisely identify the device (browser) from which the bot visited your website.

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The browser’s digital fingerprint is made of a 32-bit hexadecimal number of the b2cf59b36581399ebf54d4ab425ac4a7 type, obtained from processing all data received from the browser. The received browser fingerprint allows tracking users on the Internet with up to 94% accuracy.


It is quite easy to use fake email addresses, cookies or User agents, etc. to commit a wide variety of fraudulent actions. The question is whether fraudsters change their equipment. Although the answer may be “yes”, changing equipment is quite troublesome and costly, so scammers resort to it in extremely rare cases.

Our service scans every device and gets an enormous amount of parameters, including an operating system, browser and its version, installed plug-ins, screen resolution, platform, IP – address, and many others. Using the combination of these parameters, our system generates a permanent user ID. This ID can then be used to detect the same machines even if they try to hide their identity.


Imagine that we found a bot on some website earlier, recorded its “digital fingerprint,” and saved it in our database. You connect your website to our security system, and that same bot comes to you. We don’t need to re-analyze it. We simply compare “digital fingerprints” and instantly block this bot!



We analyze bots on hundreds of websites daily and have accumulated a large amount of data, which we use to service new customers.

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It is the number of digital fingerprints of all detected bots in our database.

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We analyze visits daily on all our clients’ websites.



We detect and block many bots on a daily basis.


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If we can’t help – you will get your money back. It happens, but very rarely. We are not magicians, but we are trying very hard.

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Great young mathematicians and programmers in our team develop our very own algorithms.

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Neural network

We constantly train our neural network. The more clients we have, the more precisely we can determine bots.

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Protection levels

Our protections consist of several levels. We determine and block bots at each level while saving your advertising budget.

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We continuously analyze the traffic on hundreds of clients’ websites and find new patterns of bot behavior.

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Technical support

Please send us a message to our live chat for any questions. Our specialist is available to help from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on business days.



To start using our system you need to sign up and integrate our tracking code on your website. Once this is done we will start gathering information about your visitors.