Click fraud in action

Dynamic data on detected click fraud. We block thousands of bots that click on the actual ads throughout the day (for all clients). 

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Total number of automated visits (bots) to the website
Automated visits (bots) through advertisement
Clicks on ads from suspicious IP addresses
Campaign - advertising traffic (any paid source, PPC)
Direct - direct visits to websites
Website -redirects from other websites
Social - visits from social networks

Do the math.

Check out our in-depth statistics around click fraud and ad fraud.


For every $3 spent on digital ads, fraud takes $1 (, 2015).

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of all online ads are never seen by a human (Google, 2014).

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of marketers cite click fraud as their top concern. (Adweek, 2016).


Saving money on advertising budgets

We made a rough estimate of possible customer losses based on actual data and the average cost of 1 click ~ $0,5 (which is not much) to assess the scale. Please note that only 100% are bots (automated software that clicks on ads) in the table.

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Four common myths about click fraud

Click fraud is fake news and it will not affect you

Pay-per-click users will often fall for this myth. However, the reality is, there are thousands of malicious bots and unethical competitors looking to waste your budget at any time.

Google stops all fraudulent clicks

You might think that with a growing increase in click fraud cases that Google would be tackling the problem. The reality is that Google has a click filter, but they don’t block the fraud. If you’re one of the lucky ones you might get a refund, but not everyone does.

It’s not a big problem

The ugly truth is that nobody is safe. Every advertiser can be affected – from small businesses to large multi-billion dollar companies. If you are running pay per click then you’re at risk of experiencing fraudulent clicks.

I’m fine – my Google.Ads campaign is too small

Smaller advertisers are certainly not immune. It just takes one competitor to see your ad and this could make it a target of unscrupulous competitors. With costs quickly mounting, you’ll be out of pocket quickly and this will begin to affect your whole PPC campaign.

How does our protection service work?


We monitor 24/7 all traffic coming after a click on your Google.Ads, only after a click. More than 20 parameters are stored from the visitor to your website

Real time analysis

The data is analyzed on our cloud. Every click, VPN traffic, device and behavior on the website is recorded.

privacy principles

Prevention & protection

Fraud clicks are blocked immediately and seamless. Competitors, botnets and click farms are detected and they won’t see you again your Google.Ads.

how we protect?

Detailed click fraud reporting

Full reporting on your fraud clicks on every device and type of Google.Ads campaigns.

Protect your Google.Ads campaigns

Our service filters all the junk out of your ad campaigns, blocks fraudulent clicks and leaves you with top-quality clicks only. In real time, we protect your ads from stuff you don’t want to waste your ad budget on.