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How to get in touch with us?

Our physical address and contact information: Russia, 196084, Saint Petersburg, Zaozernaja ulica, dom 8, korpus 2, litera A, office 212, ZAOZERNIY Technopark

Phones: +7 (495) 215-53-16, +7 (812) 748-20-96

Email: info@clickfraud.dev


Are you in Saint Petersburg, Russia?

Yes, we are. Our main office and all developers and mathematicians are in Saint Petersburg. It’s rainy here, but we like it!

I want to talk to someone in charge…

Our commercial director is Max Kulgin. He’s often on Facebook, so you can send him a message there …. or call our office and ask to speak with him.

Can we offer our services to you?

We can’t guarantee accepting your offers, but you can always write us at info@clickfraud.dev

What else do you offer besides click fraud protection?

Our parent company, notissimus.com, is engaged in software development for over 7 years now. You can read more in the ABOUT US section. For instance, we spend a lot of time web scraping (ethical) and mobile development.

I want to work for your company!

Please send us your resume to info@notissimus.com and you will hear back from us if we are interested


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    Taxpayer ID number 7813229833, Reason for registration code 781001001, Main state registration number 1157847301853

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    Legal address: Russia, 196084, Saint Petersburg, Zaozernaja 227

    Mailing address: Russia, 196084, Saint Petersburg, Zaozernaja ulica, dom 8, korpus 2, litera A, ZAOZERNIY Business Center, office 212, 2nd floor, attn: NOTISSIMUS

    Bank Account Number: 40702840201500014717 USD

    Beneficiary bank: Bank name: Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation (Public Joint-Stock Company)
    Short name: Bank Otkritie FC (PJSC), Country, city: 2/4 Letnikovskaya str., Moscow, Russia, 115114, SWIFT: JSNMRUMMXXX

    How do we protect from clicking?

    Our goal is to detect bots clicking your ads and ban them from seeing your Google.Ads ad displays as soon as possible.

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