How we protect

How do we protect from clicking?

Our goal is: quickly determine if “bots” have started clicking your ADS and prevent them from being displayed on Google.Ads.

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Your ADS is protected

We start tracking the traffic on your web site and stop clicking immediately.


Protect your money effortlessly

Our algorithms can quickly determine if “bots” have started clicking your context advertising and prevent them from displaying the announcements

Stop frauds before they waste your advertising budget.

After checking your website visitor count using Google Tag Manager, the real-time data is sent to our server for subsequent analysis. We record all the detailed user actions: from where they navigate to your website, duration of staying, mouse movements, frequency of visits, etc

Complete online safety of all your ADS

The most important and complicated step is an online analysis of the visitors to determine if the “bots” are targeting your ADS. For this, we have created special algorithms. They continuously get the preliminary acquired information from the server and analyze it.

Clickfraud tools work on the most popular platforms.

If you want to prevent fraud by clicking on your website or other popular platforms, just install Clickfraud: it will take just a couple of minutes.

We track your ADS

Clickfraud will follow each click in your search system, media and trading companies, registering the IP addresses and address ranges, unique devices, VPNs, your individual settings, and many more.

We analyze your traffic to identify fraud

Each click is evaluated by dozens of the parameters, and then, the click fraud check algorithm comes in. As a result, each click is categorized as safe or fraudulent.

We block clicking from fraud sources

Fraud IP addresses are automatically black listed. In this case the bot will not see your ADS.

We quarantine dangerous IP addresses

Google.ADS restricts the list of the excluded IP address ranges to 500 entires. ClickFraud makes sure the most fraudulent and dangerous IP addresses are quarantined.

Certain user detection rules are added

Each business suffers from various kinds of fraud. The fraud clicking detection can be customized to meet the specific needs of your industry.

We Save Your Money

Save money by automatically blocking fraud clicks. We estimate your savings will reach 20% to 70%.

Smart pricing

Clickfraud protection is available for everyone

The price depends on the number of your website visits as the most transparent approach to pricing, because we check each visit of the site.

Basic Plan


per month

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Great Plan


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What Customers Are Saying

We regularly collect feedback from our customers about the quality of our service and post them on the website

“Recently, I connected clickfraud protection in my company and immediately noticed a significant decrease in advertising costs! Well done guys, thanks for your work”

“I would like to thank the clickfraud team from the bottom of my heart! They do badly needed things for very reasonable money! Without their help, it would be impossible to keep the advertising budget within “reasonable limits''! The service fees are absolutely reasonable. I recommend it to doubters. I did not know about their existence, and I am very glad that knowledgeable people suggested it. Success to the team, from the heart!”

“Before your service, we used the services from another company, but the quality did not meet our needs. I immediately started playing with the gtm code installation, and it was worth it!”


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