Price policy

The click fraud protection price depends on the number of website visits. it is the most transparent pricing, because we check each visit.

Prices for Any Budget

Choose the rate, sign in, pay, and protect your web site from fraud clicking.

Price Plan Options

Choose the protection plan that meets your business needs


Reports are generated at your request

Expense Planning

You can pay every month, or once in 3 months

Export data at any time upon request

Download all the reports from your website.


Basic Plan


per month

Middle Plan


per month

Great Plan


per month
Our approach

We are result-oriented

We keep improving our algorithms. We realize the frauds are evolving, and we must be one step ahead.

All plans include

Personal Dashboard

All our clicking protection actions are stored and displayed as reports in your personal account.

Data Export

To make things easier for you, we can export reports in CSV and Excel formats. They will be available in your account.

Improving the Algorithms

We continuously improve our algorithms and do our best to make sure your ADS is fully protected and your budget is used most efficiently.

Support for Popular Platforms

If you use popular platforms such as WordPress, Tilda, Wix etc, the ClickFraud installation will take just a couple of minutes.

Essential Analytics

Get access to the reliable clicking report tool. Watch the detailed clicking report including the browser, time, device location, Internet provider, etc.

Online Support

The support team works from 11:00 am till 7:00 pm (GMT + 3) on business days. You are welcomed to ask for help with the settings.

Real Customer Reviews

Thanks a lot, your service works good, the connection is convenient, the price is reasonable compared with others! Highly recommended!


In spring 2020 we realized that the efficiency of ADS decreased compared with the fall. We analyzed the metrics. We discovered that the ADS budget could be wasted in just 15 min. Where did the agency look? A good question! But it was the bots. We plugged in the clicking protection: The mess was stopped but a 4-month budget had already been lost and the loss in sales is impossible to refund. Regards to dishonest competitors!

Andrey Balyakin

Just do not give up with click protection. To everybody: guys, I was crying for 2 years watching the statistics. Now I rub my hands with joy and increase the price of clicking up to the sky. The competitor who ordered my fail, is gone now. This comment is real, they did not write it by themselves.

Boris Lisitsin

We have huge experience with Clickfraud, the personnel is very polite, precise, give you comprehensive answers, very helpful and every time it is online! The service is efficient, ADS expenses are much lower than before! Thanks a lot for your work, and may you expand your business!


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