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Understanding click fraud

…36% of Display campaign clicks were fraudulent or invalid in 2020.


Click fraud is the imitating clicks for practice of spoofing pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements to increase website’s ad display revenue or to deplete a company’s advertising budget.


Click fraud occurs when a human or a software program (bot, script) clicks on ads posing as legitimate users but without any intention of following through with a purchase.


Click fraud can sometimes be carried out by owners of websites you are displaying ads on to significantly boost ad revenue at your expense.


Click fraud can be spotted and prevented through a variety of means, such as specialized monitoring software that can identify anomalies or suspicious click activities.

What can you do to safeguard your account from click fraud?

Below are some tips for fighting click fraud yourself.

Analyze your traffic

If you don’t understand your traffic, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the unusual trends that could be the result of invalid clicks. Study your traffic regularly, from volume to user behavior, to individual campaign and segment performance.

Focus on traffic quality, not quantity

Driving traffic is quite easy. Driving high-quality traffic is much harder. Focus on quality, not quantity by focusing on high intent keywords, rather than broad, general keywords associated with really high traffic levels.

Don’t click your own ads 🙂

You’re not going to convert on your own website and you’ll likely skew the CTR, not even mentioning the budget waste. A website owner clicking on their own ad is going to have the same impact as a click-bot, causing no benefits for their website by clicking.

Avail of IP exclusions

Google.Ads allow for specific IP addresses to be blacklisted by your campaigns, meaning they can’t trigger or click your ads. If your technical team can identify the IP addresses a real customer is behind every click, such as a devious competitor, then they can be blacklisted via the Google.Ads interface.

Work with an agency

If you don’t have the time to do all of this on a regular basis, hire an agency to do it for you. It’s in their interest to ensure that behind every click is a real, live customer ready to convert.

Invest in an anti-click fraud software such as

Stop your competitors from clicking on your Google.Ads and prevent budget waste.

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