What is click fraud and how does it happen?

What is click fraud and how does it happen?

In the online advertising industry, click fraud (also known as pay-per-click fraud) refers to a sort of fraud that fraudulently inflates traffic figures for online advertisements. As is customary in online advertising, marketers pay a price for each click on their ad, with the expectation that they have attracted a potential consumer in exchange for […]

How Do Botnets Make Money From Your Ads?

On the planet of cybercrime, botnets can be extremely harmful to your ad campaigns. They can squander your advertisement budget plan, skew your advertising and marketing metrics, and also annoy your staff. They’re likewise responsible for very harmful DDoS (Dispersed Denial-of-Service) attacks, which can seriously interfere with the flow of web traffic to a web […]

What is Advertisement Fraud? Why It Issues & What You Can Do

In 2020, advertisement fraud actually exceeded bank card fraudulence in regards to both money lost and also as a portion of the industry. Actually 10.5% of all activity on digital advertising and marketing is advertisement fraud. Yet, what is advertisement fraudulence? Simply put, ad fraudulence is the practice of holding ads on a publishing platform […]