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Help your audience avoid wasteful and costly clicks on Google.Ads with our service. Improve client performance and retention by automatically excluding invalid clicks across all channels.

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Using your website, blog, or social media presence, promote Clickfraud.dev and watch your payouts roll in. Clickfraud.dev makes it super easy to protect Google.Ads from ad fraud. 

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Put an official banner and referral links on each blog post, website, and email.


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Get a lifetime recurring commission of 50% on our PPC protection sales from your leads. No tricks.

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Our software works exclusively with Google.Ads, one of the world’s largest advertising ecosystems. It can optimize campaigns for the full range of advertising and business goals you may have.

As our sales partner, you earn recurring commissions, while building your reputation and delivering value to your audience. To support your partners’ marketing efforts, we offer product, customer service, and marketing resources. You and the leads you refer to Clickfraud.dev will benefit from these resources.

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