Specialists engaged in traffic analysis that find “parasites”  on your website and block advertising display to them.

We live and work in Russia, but we are no Russian Hackers. Each and every one of our employees has a degree either in IT or mathematics. We see our purpose in Bot Protection, making use of unprecedented machine learning algorithms.

Initial Project contacts

Five developers and mathematicians on our team are dealing with click fraud protection. We restlessly conduct analysis, coming up with inventive countermeasures to the constantly developing click fraud mechanisms. After scrupulous research on bots’ behavioral patterns within your website, we timely update the detection and blocking algorithms.

Stas mazanov

Stanislav implements algorithms created by Ilya (on the right, in dark branded sunglasses)

Max Kulgin

Commercial director, tries to bring forth the future and sell it. It doesn’t always work, but he’s trying…😊

Denis Kretov

Technical director, gives advice, engaged in integrating systems to Google.Ads to block bots from advertisements.

Iliya Gusinsky
Leading Analyst

Engaged in “parasite” analysis on customer websites and blocking methods to eliminate click fraud..


The benefits of clickfraud.dev

Our unique approach and highly customizable technology creates a multitude of benefits for Google.Ads clients.

Eliminate fraud and all wasteful clicks from your Google.Ads.

Target leads that are more likely to convert with real-time protection. Maximize ads campaign ROI with intent optimization rules.

Get your ads in front of the right people who are likely to convert.

Our mission

At Clickfraud.dev, we help Google.Ads professionals protect and optimize their campaigns. Our mission is to completely eliminate wasteful ad traffic, beyond click fraud.

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