All you need to protect your ads from clickfraud

Below is a real upgradeable chart containing number of clicks from our database.

Extensive analysis

Every click is evaluated according to dozens of features, thereafter our click fraud algorithm starts working. We assign “fraud” or “user” status based on the analysis.

Quick ban

Suspicious IPs are quarantined (banned IP quantity is limited by 500 pcs by AdWords). Clickfraud will safely put the most dangerous IPs in quarantine.

Save your money

Your saving comes from automatic click fraud blocking. Customize it once and never think of it again.

See your traffic complete analysis in your personal account

Signing up and customizing is quick. Still our support is always here for you.

Live analytics

Get full information about your site. We display information about the total number of site visits, the number of ad clicks and blocked clickers.

Personal protection settings

You can configure protection according to your site specific features in your personal account. Do you want to block repeated clicks on ads from a single IP address? Just specify it in the settings

Email notification

We send daily and weekly email reports, as well as attack reports. You can configure the number and frequency of sending messages in your personal account.

General center for analytics and site protection

All for your comfort in one place

Our algorithms work 24/7 for your safety

The power of artificial intelligence (AI) to protect your ads

Support team always ready to solve any issues

All clickers will be automatically blocked - no action is required

Get permanent reports via email and in your personal account

Understanding your real savings on ad protection

Smart pricing

Basic Plan


per month

Middle Plan


per month

Great Plan


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Some of the most frequently asked questions

What determines the cost of your services?

It’s only your site traffic, because we need to quickly analyze visitors, identify bots, and block ad exposure.

Will it take long to connect my site?

Usually it takes about a day, as first we need to start collecting data on your visitors and get access to Google via the API to be able to stop the ads exposure.

How can I see the result of your work?

Visit your personal account where we regularly (several times a day) post information about the bots detected on your site

Can your service do hurt to me?

No way. You place a special code on the site that just sends us extended data about visitors for analysis.

Is it possible to analyze only traffic from ads without taking into account the search engine traffic?

We analyze absolutely all traffic, because bots often go to the site first, then get a label (cookie), and then start click fraud.

How exactly do you protect?

You can see the description of our protection algorithm on the “How do we protect?” page and in your personal account in “Demo” mode. Please, read it.

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