Data on Detected Bots From Our Customer Base (Updated Automatically)

Daily summary report on all our clients’ websites. The table shows the total number of visits to websites, visits from suspicious IP addresses (see the SUSPICIOUS VISITS tab), and bot visits (so-called AUTOMATED VISITS). Also, the number of visits made by contextual advertising is included (if the bot visit or a visit from a suspicious IP is made through contextual advertising, there is a high chance of click fraud).

Sessions made by automated software (a.k.a. BOTS) controlled by browser actions, repeating typical human behavior, are executed to parse information from the website or click fraud (see the source in the table below) in 99% of cases. Our scripts detect and block these types of automated sessions.

Completed sessions on all our clients’ websites only made from suspicious IP addresses (blacklisted). The session is considered completed if the last action was >30 minutes ago. An IP address listed in our blocklist is a threat (we analyze about 400 back lists daily). The higher the threat level, the more likely it is that an ad clicker visited the website.


We work through Google.API

In times of growing cybercrime and security threats, protecting your account and personal data has become more critical than ever. That’s why we connect directly to your Google.Ads using API access only, in order to deactivate advertising display to bots.

How do we protect? dashboard


We block click fraud without your participation

We have implemented one of the most powerful click fraud blocking systems that work on its own. Our system automatically detects the occurrence of clicking fraud and stops displaying your ads to scammers.

Algorithms clickfraud in action
smart blocking

Every few minutes, we send data on suspicious visits (potential click fraud) to Google.Ads using API data to limit advertising for them. The information is transmitted 24/7 without user involvement. Who did we already block for our clients? Here is the actual data…


Add as many users as you need

Do you require your team to access the dashboard or monitoring panel? No problem! We allow an unlimited number of users for each account.



We monitor every website visitor

Why limit yourself to viewing traffic only from contextual advertising? We analyze each and every visitor of your website, regardless of where they came from and how they found you, easily identifying scammers before they even click on your Google.Ads ad.



Protect as many websites as you need

Do you want to protect more than one website through our service? No problem! You can easily add several subdomains to protect yourself from click fraud on all your websites using one protection center.

what is click fraud?


Protection of your business

What works for one business may not work for another. Our algorithms of clicking scam detection and click fraud prevention automatically adapt to a specific business or industry, providing you with the highest possible fraud protection any time, without your participation.



Visual and complete

Do you want to receive accurate reports? In just a few clicks, you can find out about all fraudulent actions on your advertisements, including how much money you have potentially saved with our service.

PERSONAL ACCOUNT EXAMPLE clickfraud in action


Protection of your data

The safety of your data is our number one priority, and we take it very seriously. All user data is stored on isolated servers, and no one except our analytics team has access to visitor information, their actions, etc.

privacy principles privacy policy


Full protection without downtime

Our click fraud protection service works 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The automated systems detect and prevent fraudulent clicks with fantastic accuracy, saving up to 30% of your advertising expenses on Google.Ads.

How Are We Doing That?

Global Database of Bots

“The enemy shall not pass!”

We have been collecting a global database of bots for years, which we find on our clients’ websites. How do we do it? We check and analyze a “browser fingerprint” of each browser.



We like to make it easy


Extensive analysis

Every click is evaluated through dozens of aspects, as our click fraud algorithm conducts analysis. We assign “fraud” or “user” status based on the analysis.


Quick ban

Suspicious IPs are quarantined (banned IP quantity is limited by 500 pcs by AdWords). will safely put the most dangerous IPs in quarantine.


Save your money

Your balance is secure with automatic click fraud blocking. Set it up once and never think of it again.

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What determines the cost of your services?

It only depends on your site’s traffic, as we need to analyze visitors, identify bots and block ad exposure fast.

Can your service cause trouble?

No way. You place a special code (GTM) on the site that just sends us extended data about visitors for analysis.

what is click fraud?

Is it possible to analyze specifically traffic from ads without taking into account the search engine traffic?

We analyze all traffic with no exceptions, as bots often visit the site in order to get a cookie, and only then begin click fraud.

Does it take long to get my site connected?

Usually, it takes about a day, as firstly we need to collect data on your visitors and access Google via the API to cut off ad exposure to scammers.

How can I see the result of your work?

Visit your personal account where we regularly (several times a day) post information on bots detected within your website.

personal account

How exactly do you protect?

You can see the description of our protection algorithm on the “How do we protect?” page and in your personal account in “Demo” mode. Please, read it.

how do we protect?

See complete analysis of your traffic in your personal account.

Signing up and customizing is quick. In case of need, our support is always there for you.

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How to get started?

Identify, exclude & prevent click fraud and invalid traffic across your PPC. Optimize your Google Ads ROI by eliminating fraudulent clicks.

We will refund your money if you aren’t satisfied


Create an Account. We will set you up with online traffic monitoring and you will see what is going on with your clicks.


Integrate with Google.Ads. Connect to Google so we can feed information into your campaigns.


Get real-time protection. Automatically detect and exclude invalid and fraudulent traffic in your Google.Ads PPC. 



We will answer all your questions regarding click fraud, and will help you save on your advertising budget by stopping the click fraud of your Google.Ads.

What is click fraud?

Click fraud is an illegal activity. It happens, when a person, programs, or scripts continuously click on a pay-per-click advertisement to make fraudulent transactions and fraudulent orders. They exploit advertisers by this activity. Click fraud raises advertising costs and decreases conversion rates. Click fraud can be performed by competitors, publishers, or customers.

In simple words, click fraud is an interaction coming from sources without genuine interest in your Google.Ads. There are cases of accidental clicks, but today we concentrate on deliberate cases like botnets or competitors.

We created an entire section on the website with a step-by-step process of battling clicking scams. Our goal is to detect bots and stop displaying Google.Ads advertisements for them.

No. We regularly publish our research on click fraud, available to all of our customers. Also, there are global statistics that show the level of contextual advertising.

You don’t believe us? Just look at this video, where software developers explain in plain English how easy it is to click fraud your competitor ads.


Please look at our price plans. Click fraud protection cost depends on the traffic to your website and is available to even small companies.

price plans

Register in your personal account, and we will get you protected (send you GTM- codes to install on your website and more).

We require our exclusive JS – code to be added to your website for the most accurate and real-time click fraud prevention. This is a small and safe code snippet that can be added quickly and easily to any website.

Despite the huge losses it causes, most countries don’t have specific laws against Google.Ads click fraud. Many times this type of criminal activity falls under the category of cybercrime. While the European Union has strict anti-fraud laws as a whole, individual union members’ law is not that specific.

These days, Google.Ads click fraud represents one in three dollars digital advertisers spend. Since it directly affects advertising budgets, fraud can undermine the best marketing efforts. Google.Ads click fraud makes marketers make mistakes when measuring the performance of a Google.Ads campaign because it tampers with the real traffic and clicks results.

Google is working hard to protect you from advertising fraud that uses automated detection, manual review, and investigations. provides an added protection over Google’s effort of reducing ad click fraud. And even if click fraud is detected by Google, it’s rather reactive than our proactive approach. Google will only refund you with credits after fraud has already taken place. This means your PPC ads will stop displaying during the campaign as your budget has been exhausted.

With our software, you don’t have to wait until Google refunds your advertising budget back. You also stop wasting your time manually blacklisting IPs since we automatically update your campaign-level IP blacklists in Google.Ads.

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